Bucklehurst Leather
(No115)  46" Trouser size 1.5" wide Traditional Red Hand Saddle Stitched Sedgwick Australian Nut Leather Belt

(No115) 46" Trouser size 1.5" wide Traditional Red Hand Saddle Stitched Sedgwick Australian Nut Leather Belt

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This is one of the best belts available.
Click picture for details: The leather is from the world renowned J&E Sedgwick and Co who have a justified reputation for producing some of the finest leathers. This bridle leather is traditionally pit tanned and hand curried to ensure that the fibres are strong and the leather is smooth.
The stitching on this belt is done entirely by hand and is traditional two needle saddle stitch. The stitches have been recessed on both sides of the belt in hand carved little channels so that they are protected below the surface of the leather. Please note the stitching is not down the entire length of the belt...its around the buckle holes and is used to attach the buckle.  The thread is the highest quality available waxed and braided thread  from Danish company Julius Koch. The leather colour, Australian Nut is a long standing colour that has been in use for many years. A rich reddish brown colour that has always been a favourite with customers.
The buckle is solid cast brass and has been sewn onto the belt with the same recessed saddle stitching...all done by hand. The edges of the belt have been hand rounded and polished to ensure maximum comfort and durability. The buckle holes are oval not round..again a little detail that requires extra skill to set, but very important to ensure long life as oval holes are stronger than round ones.
This is craftsmanship at its finest and the end result is an exceptionally high quality belt. There will be a limited supply of these as they take a long time to make.
 This will be sent in a presentation box, and tissue wrapped.
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Choosing your belt size:
This belt is sized to a 46 (forty six) inch trouser size.
As trouser sizes are always about 4 inches less than the necessary belt length, the best way of getting your size just right is to measure one of your existing belts.
  • Measure from the very end of your buckle to the hole that you like best....see the photograph above for an example; and if that measurement is around 50" this belt will fit perfectly.
  • This belt has extra holes to allow adjustment plus or minus 3 inches of the stated size, so there is plenty of adjustment either way.
Here is a link to a very short film on choosing your belt size, and if you have any queries about sizing please email me at harrycycle@gmail.com Thanks.
Please measure carefully to ensure a correct fit!
75 GBP