Leather Like It Used To Be!

I use proper full grain bridle leather, which is leather like it used to be, that has been slowly vegetable tanned in pits, in the traditional way. 

It looks great and it ages beautifully, and it lasts and lasts.

My standard full grain bridle belts are around 3.5mm thick, and my Oak Bark Tanned belts are extra heavy duty at circa 4.5mm thick. 

My belts are made using bridle back leather, which is the strongest and most uniform part of the hide.  I pay great attention to the little details ...I round and polish the edges of belts so they are comfortable, I apply traditional saddlers crease lines and I slim the leather behind the buckle, so it sits flatter, and I use oval holes as these are stronger than round ones.

On the 'Films' link are a couple of films to show you how I make my belts. You can also see more of my work on Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you have any queries please contact me on harrycycle@gmail.com