Reviews and Testimonials

Here is a selection of great reviews that I have received:

Awesome Quality I can really see and feel the quality products you use to make my belt I purchase. I finally found a great place to get a well crafted leather belt. I will for sure be back again. Thank you!!! Best quality price ratio ever   
Harry Rogers produces belts that are made of very good quality leather and are crafted to perfection at a price that will not get you anything even near the durability, thickness, good looks and expert craftsmanship in factory made belts.
Russian Hatch Wallet: I can tell you the craftsmanship look and smell of your wallet is stunning, all my friends that appreciate excellent craftsmanship where blown away, if you ask me this wallet should be sitting at the top of these so called wallet reviews websites, especially with the storey literature that comes with it, what a sheer pleasure to own and have in the pocket. TOTALLY SUPERB! 
I recently purchased one of Bucklehurst's Black Leather Messenger Bags (USPS Mail Bag inspired) and I am overwhelmed with the quality of this beautiful product made with love by Harry Rogers :-) My personal view is that these items are worth every penny and are far better than the "Designer" (Mass Produced) counterparts which are widely available. Again, just my opinion, but I wish Harry allocated individual serial numbers and issued Certificates of Authenticity as I feel sure these beautiful items will be highly collectible in the future. In the meantime, they are great items for practical use ~ they also look great too! 
Wonderful belt..better service I am more than pleased with the fit and comfort of my belt. I shall be gifting my family and friends in the future.
1.5 Inch Wide Oak bark Tan Bridle  This is my first real leather handcrafted belt. I am amazed at the craftsmen ship that Harry has put on this belt. It feels and smells really very good. I am sure this will serve me years and I will be buying more from this shop, not because I will need them but because I really liked how all things are put together to make belt that really stands out thank you Harry Another fine piece of British craftsmanship!

Always a pleasure to receive a fine piece or three!, of crafted leather from the stable of Harry at Bucklehurst Leather. Thanks Harry for a speedy service and a selection of lovely leather products. I particularly like the rounded edges of the belts you make, they slip in and out of the trouser loops so easily.