(W4) Russian Hatch and Russet Leather Wallet, Hand Stitched with Brown Thread

  • £85.00

This is a vertical wallet with six card slots, and secret pockets.
Its outer is made from a rather special leather which is pure vegetable tanned for 14 months in three types of tree bark, oak, willow and birch at a wonderful traditional pit tannery in Devon, England.  The leather has a hand rollered luxurious finish, and is infused with birch oil to make it last and give it a lovely rich aroma. The inside is a contrasting natural pure vegetable tanned russet leather of the highest quality, the combination of which makes this wallet rather unique. Over time on exposure to sunlight the inside leather will mellow to a golden tan.
This is a six card wallet, three each side, with secret compartments below for notes, tickets and receipts etc. The wallet measures approximately 3 x 4.75 inches (75 x 120mm) closed. This wallet has full thickness leather on the outside, and the inside panels have been skillfully thinned, to make the wallet less bulky in the pocket, at circa 3/8 inches (9mm) thick unfilled. This wallet has been traditionally hand saddle stitched using two needles and top quality Ritza Tiger Thread. This is a luxury item made with great care and from the best leather.
In brief, the recipe for tanning this outer hatch leather was lost with the Russian revolution, however interest in it was rekindled by the discovery of the wreck of the Metta Catherina a Russian ship that sunk in a fierce storm in 1786, when it was carrying a cargo of Russian leather. It was discovered off Plymouth Sound in 1973 and the leather in the centre of rolled hides was found to be still usable after nearly 200 years underwater.
The special tanning process produced leather that was resistant to weather, insects and time and with a famous, distinctive and pleasantly smoky smell of birch bark which is more apparent when just made. After several years and close collaboration with Russian historians the traditional pit tannery has managed to recreate this leather, and its a super quality with a lovely hand rollered hatch finish, the delightful distinct smoky smell, and rich colour all of which makes this leather very sought after.

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